Liverpool 2-0 Bolton Wanderers
Diouf 44, Owen 67

Dudek, Carragher, Hyypia, Traore, Riise, Gerrard, Hamman, Murphy, Smicer, Diouf, Owen
Jaaskelainen, N'Gotty, Campo, Charlton, Bergsson, Laville, Okocha, Gardner, Mendy, Djorkaeff, Ballestra
Cheyrou (Smicer 57), Diao (Gerrard 72), Baros, Biscan, Arphexed
Andre (Mendy 60), Nolan (Ballestra 70), Barness Frandsen, Poole
Yellow :
Yellow : Campo 20, Ballestra 42, Laville 71
No Goals scored

Finishing Fumbles give Wanderers woe

Wanderers managed to somewhat maintain the level of performance they gave against Man United at the Reebok, but were shown that the difference between a team in the champions league spots and the relegation spots is inside the six yard box..

A 3-5-2 formation and Salva Ballestra starting his first game in place of Henrick Pedersen meant Bolton made a bright start to this game, if never applying the pressure they had on United's goal. Once again what chances they had went wide or over the bar, Campo and Gardner continue to be the worst culprits, both failing to get a shot on target when given a good opportunity.

At the other end, it was a different story. While Hyypia put a clear header wide, Owen and Diouf both scored from chances created for them them less than five yards out (by each other as it happens). There was a call for offside when Owen chipped the ball over Jaaskelainen and Diouf headed in almost on the goal line but it wasn't given. Owen's goal, unlucky for Bolton when Charlton slipped on the wet surface leaving Diouf time to get his cross in had no arguments about it. Wanderers fans feared Liverpool would have new found confidence after their Worthington's Cup win and so it proved.

The next game is now crucial. Wanderers must gain points against a Sunderland side anchored at the bottom of the table. If they should fail to do so, the situation will be immediately perilous.