Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Sunderland
Babb 80 (OG)
Gray 45
Jaaskelainen, Whitlow, N'Gotty, Mendy, Campo, Farrelly, Frandsen, Nolan, Gardner, Djorkaeff, Ricketts
Myhre, Gray, Craddock, Babb, Wright, Reyna, Kilbane, McCann, McCartney, Bellion, Phillips
Pedersen Barness (Mendy 70), Holdsworth, Okocha (Nolan 58), Poole
Macho (Mhyre 26), Flo (Phillips 76), Thirlwell (Reyna 39), Bkorklund, Piper
Yellow :Campo 67
Yellow : Kilbane 45, McCann 47
Michael Rickett's Goal

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This was a game between the bottom two side in the premiership (at the time) and crikey did it look it. Neither side was happy on the ball for long periods, neither side made more than a couple of half decent chances. Neither side deserved three points to be honest although it has to be said Bolton were a little more adventurous.

The loss of Gudni Bergsson due to injury before kickoff didn't bode well for Bolton, requiring that Bruno N'Gotty pair with Ivan Campo at central defense - the two had never played together before and most of the time that was obvious. However apart from the pace of Bellion Sunderland offered not real threat - Phillips is currently undergoing as big a trough in form as Ricketts at the other end of the pitch. However Bolton had one advantage - Bernard Mendy at full back was willing to press forward and alongside Ricardo Gardner gave the Sunderland defense cconsiderable problems in the first half. However clear chances were hard to come by - the Bolton midfield was playing better football, but clear chances never came. Bolton's best effort of the first half came from the skill of Youri Djorkaeff, who took the ball down cleanly outside the area and fired a shot in that skipped inches wide.

Then out of the blue, the deadlock was broken on half-time. A rather weak clearing header from Campo dropped to Gray who advanced towards the Bolton area. About 35 yards out he struck what looked like a speculative shot which somehow curled round and went in past Jaaskelainen's dive off the post. Michael Gray hasn't scored a goal for two years. If he played for another 20, he couldn't score a goal like that again. When you're down, things just seem to happen that way..

The second half saw more fairly awful football with Bolton pressing forward and Sunderland playing on the break (and wasting time as if their lives depended on it). Bellions pace was still a problem and there was a lot of hecklling in the crowd when Mendy (who had had a decent game) was swapped for the more defensive Barness. Nevertheless Bolton applied pressue and eventually it paid off, when a goalmouth lottery caused Phil Babb to head the ball past Macho for the equaliser. After that neither team really looked capable of getting a winner, Although Flo had a decent chance and Ricketts put a header over. So the end result was a draw, which really suited neither side (Although Bolton remained bottom).