Sunderland 2-0 Bolton Wanderers (AET)
Arca 98, Proctor 99

Sorenson, Williams, Gray, Bjorklund, Thome, Medina, Thornton, McCann, Arca, Stewart, Kyle
Poole, N'Gotty, Whitlow, Campo, Mendy, Nolan, Farrelly, Smith, Tofting, Djorkaeff, Facey
Varga (Bjorkund 66), Proctor (Gray 67), McCartney (Medina 91), Macho, Oster
Walters (Farrelly 62), Bulent, Warhurst (Facey 46), Hunt (Mendy 81), Jaaskelainen
Yellow :
Yellow :
No Goals scored

As the Bolton Evening News said 'What A Total Waste of Time'..

This game was bad. In pretty much every way. Two teams crammed with players unfamiliar with each other conspired to produce very little entertainment. What there was was largely provided by Ivan Campo taking a rather.. inventive attitude to defending, which involved giving the ball to Sunderland forward Kevin Kyle as often as possible. Who, in an effort to be sportsmanlike in return, would either put the ball woefully wide or straight at goalie Kevin Poole.

It's also the first time I'be heard two pundits begging one team, either team to score just so we wouldn't have to suffer extra time. Their wish was unfortunately not granted.

However we were at least spared the torture of a penalty shootout. Julio Arca squeezed the ball past Poole from a tight angle, then Protcor left Campo spinning to curl the ball neatly in and the game was effectively over, as was Bolton's cup football for the year.

There continues to be a lot of criticism at the attitude of managers like Allardyce and Wilkinson, who use the cups to rest key players or bring players back from injury. And when the result is match as woeful as this one, you have to say the criticism is justified. A changed team wouldn't be a bad thing if it played well and made for a good cup tie but neither was true on this night.