Bolton Wanderers 0-3 Leeds United

Mills 11, Fowler 16, Wilcox 73
Jaaskelainen, Barness, Charlton, Bergsson, Campo, N'Gotty, Frandsen, Okocha, Tofting, Djorkaeff, Pedersen
Robinson, Kelly, Harte, Woodgate, Kewell, Lucic, Wilcox, Mills, Bakke, Okon, Fowler
Smith, Whitlow (N'Gotty 76), Walters (Okocha 80), Farrelly (Tofting), Poole
Johnson (Fowler 80), Martyn, Bowyer, Duberry,Milner
Yellow : Campo, Nolan Yellow :Okon, Mills
No Goals scored

I'm glad I missed it really..

I didn't get to see this game as I was away on Monday. However from what I was told it was a bit of a shambles. Comedy defending, lacklustre midfield and no goals scored despite getting nearly twice as many shots on target as the opposition, who ran out 3-0 winners. Ugh.

The goals leads scored in the main were very good. Mills scored with one shot from outsiude the area for the first, and Wilcox did the same for the second. It's arguable as to whether Jussi could have saved either but what is obvious is that the defense in front of him were offering no cover at all. Lack of ccoordination led to Bolton backing off and allowing the shot. However this was minor compared to the second goal. A chip into the box seemed fruitless for Leeds given both N'Gotty and Campo were under where it was dropping. However, for some totally lunatic reason both defenders ducked out of the way and allwed the ball to bounce back off the post with Jaaskelainen stranded. Kewell played the rebound across to Fowler who was able to tap into an empty net. There's an argument as to whether Fowler was offside, but the ball shouldn't have been anywhere near the six yard box in the first place.

Not that it was entirely a whitewash. Leeds survived a period of pressure either side of the half time aand, if the score had been 1-2 at the break who knows whether Leeds confidence would have held. Ands it really should have been as well - Djoerkaeff had a penalty saved in the first half - a good save by Robinson although you shoudl score your penalties and Bolton are short of goals as it is. Tofting hit the bar on the hour but Bolton failed to score despite the chances they had. Again.

So you could say Bolton were unlucky, but in fact they made much of the result themselves. A missed penalty, some absolutely lunatic defending and not turning chances into goals cost Bolton the game. You can't afford slackness like this in the Premier League.