Leeds United 2-4 Bolton Wanderers
Smith 3, Kewell 83
Pedersen 2 92, Djorkaeff 80, Ricketts 88 (pen)
Robinson, Kelly, Woodgate, Lucic, Wilcox, Barmby, Burns, McPhail, Kewell, Viduka, Smith
Jaaskelainen, Mendy, Campo, N'Gotty, Barness, Charlton, Frandsen, Nolan, Djorkaeff, Okocha, Pedersen
Milner (McPhail 67), Duberry (Lucic 80), Bridges, Richardson, Martyn Ricketts (Nolan 77), Tofting (N'Gotty 58), Smith, Holdsworth, Poole
Yellow : Burns 2, Kewell 55
Yellow :
Henrick Pedersen's First Goal
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Youri Djorkaeff's Goal
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Michael Ricketts' Penalty
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Henrick Pedersen's Second Goal
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Well, that's a change around isn't it? Wanderers have been pretty poor in their last few games but something certainly went right at Elland Road and what a cracking game it turned out to be, unless you're Terry Venables obviously...

This was game with a an average middle but two great ends you might say. The first goal was scored after two minutes when, despite a late tackle on Kevin Nolan referee Alan Wiley (A ref who knows what he's doing!) played advantage which allowed Djorkaeff to feed Pedersen's crossfield run and he neatly finished past Robinson. This goal was quite unusual in several ways. First of all, Bolton had scored first. Which we hardly ever do. Secondly, it was scored by Henrick 'can't hit a barn door with a shotgun' Pedersen. We'll come back to him later...

As has been happening with depressing regularity when Bolton score though, they conceded and equaliser almost immediately. Within a minute, Kewell set up Smith (who had scored four in the week) and he scored with a crisp shot which Jaaskelainen couldn't keep out despite getting fingertips to. And that was it for a while. DJorkaeff played Pedersen in again but his shot past Robinson from an angle bounced off the post and straight into the goalie's grasp. Viduka was managed to avoid the offside trap but fired over, as did Smith from long range.

It took a further 75 minutes or so for the game to come back to the boil, and did it did in a way most enjoyable to Bolton fans. Far from the airborn football we had seen recently, Bolton fashioned a wonderful goal based on short passing, Okocha's break forward getting the ball to Djorkaeff, who played a 1-2 off Pedersen (mentioning him a lot aren't we?) and curled the ball in from close range. Bolton were ahead again!

Didn't last of course. 3(!) minutes later, Leeds were level again as Smith returned the favour to get Kewell free and he finished well from a tight angle. You have to wonder what it would take for us to hold onto a lead?

Of course, the best thing to do if you can't keep a lead is score another goal and hope it turns out to be the last one. This Bolton set off to do, and Tofting (on as a sub) put Ricketts through only for Robinson to fly out and up-end him at the edge of the box. Ricketts, with his now familiar wobbly run up, sent the Leeds goalie the wrong way and Bolton were up with 2 minutes plus stoppage time to go. Could we hold out? I was listening on the radio but another game was feataured, so I wa sonly getting occasional reports and frankly was on the edge of a nervous breakdown at this point. Then the news came though of another goal at Elland Road..

Just as I was about to throw myself through the nearest window, it came through it was a goal for Bolton. What a goal too! Campo won the ball and put Tofting away on the right. His looping cross dropped to Pedersen who smashed a volley into the net. A crowning moment to a superb performance by all accounts and any journalist you see who didn't give him Man of the Match, well I wouldn't trust that journo's reports in the future.