Saha 10(pen), Legwinski 32,79, Marlet 37 (pen)
Ricketts 4 (pen)
Van De Saar, Finnan, Melville, Goma, Brevett, Legwinski, Malbranque, Davis, Marlet, Saha
Jaaskelainen, Bergsson, Ngotty, Mendy, Charlton, Nolan, Frandsen, Gardner, Djorkaeff, Okocha, Ricketts
Inamoto (Malbranque 69), Sava (Saha 78). Collins, Ouaddou, Taylor
Whitlow (Mendy HT), Pedersen (Okocha HT), Warhurst (Nolan 70), Holdsworth, Poole
Yellow : Melville 63
Yellow : Mendy 8, N'Gotty 48
Michael Rickett's Goal
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Not exactly a flying start to the season by Bolton this. In fact the contrast between this season and last season could not have been greater. Far from flying off the blocks, Bolton never really got started despite an early goal, whereas Fulham were far from the mess that Leicester were last season and looked like their pre-season excursion into the intertoto cup had done them a world of good.

Yet it all started so well, even better than last season in fact. After four minutes Goma tripped Djorkaeff in the box and Ricketts sent Van Der Saar the wrong way to score. Bolton were first scorers in the premiership season again and everything looked rosy. That was as good as it got unfortunately.

After that, Fulham took control and never really lost it. Okocha showed that the Premiership is a different league to others by how difficult he found it to match the pace until he was withdrawn at half time. The other new boy Bernard Mendy also didn't have auspicious debut, diving in on Saha to draw Fulham's second penalty to make the score 3-1. Fulham's second goal at least was a flowing move, and you can only say it was a move that reserved a goal at the end of it.

In the second half the arrival of Whitlow and Pedersen gave Bolton a less lightweight appearance and certainly steadied the ship, but the game was already beyond them really. Inamoto followed his world cup exploits by setting up a late chance which Legwinsky poked in for his second and Fulham's fourth and that was that. Fulham had proved better on the day, possibly due to the Intertoto cup giving them a more beneficial pre-season. Possibly it was due to to Bolton's new boys relative lack of familiarity with each other - the Fulham side is basically unchanged from last season - or possibly they were just the better team on the day.

Thankfully, due to the even worse performance by Man City on the day at Leeds (they didn't even manage to score a goal, so Bolton are just ahead of them) Bolton are not propping up the Premiership. But it's a far cry from last August and a far cry from what we were expecting. The question has now been raised as to whether Okocha and Djorkaeff can play in the same side, or whether that leads to a lack of physicality in the side that can prove an expoitable weakness. It's only week one, but already Sam Allardyce has important questions to ponder