Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists associated with Bolton Wanderers at present. Both are hosted by Yahoo groups.
This is the 'main' list with the majority membership and the higher traffic level (roughly 300 messages per week). It is somewhat noisy and can be both off-topic and occasionally not suitable for the delicate or young, but it is the place where you're most likely to hear news or rumours first and where you'll get to 'meet' most of the internet active Bolton fans.

If you don't want to go via the web (which requires a Yahoo account), you can subscribe by sending an email to

which will subscribe you and send you details of how to post and work your membership. It's a good idea to keep this email as it gives details of how to come off the list should you have to change email address or find it a bit too active for your taste
This is a sublist set up when a few members of the above list found the traffic levels too high and too 'adult'  for their tastes. It is lower traffic (about 100 messages per week) and has stricter rules about going off topic and the sort of language and subject matter than can be posted. So if you're taking your first steps on the internet or want a list for your kids to use this might be a better option.

As for the main list you can subscribe by clicking on the link above or by sending an email to

and the same advice as above applies.

Web Sites

BWFC Official Page The Official Bolton Wanderers Page
The Official Page isn't actually that official. In the last year of Bolton's time in the Nationwide League, the league as a whole signed a deal with NTL to provide them with website services. Despite no longer being in the Nationwide, Bolton are still tied to this deal and wil be in fact until 2018! So in reality isn't all that different to However if you pay the 35 quid a year (I think it is) you do get some decent services including live match commentaries and interviews and what have you. One thing the 'official' site remains useful for is confirmation of rumours - most fans won't believe something is true until its reported on this page. Also, obviously, it's the best place online for buying Wanderers related memorabilia and, well, tat. is the biggest network of unofficial football sites on the web as far as I know. Wanderers section of this is run by Jazza, one of the most active list members and his army of helpers sniff out news and rumour with great enthusiasm. Well worth a bookmark.
The Bolton Evening News remains one of the best sources for news and match reports. Despite the general opinion that Gordon Sharrocks is.. somewhat subjective in his analysis, it still provides news no other place (even the 'official' site) seems to get as quickly.
Football 365 Football 365
Football365 is my personal favourite football magazine site on the web. 365 Corporation has been hit as hard as most by the bubble bursting on online business, but it retains a healthily cynical and irreverant view of the football world as a whole. Just wish they'd leave off with the popup ads..
London Whites
Do you live in our nation's fair capital? Fed up of Spurs fans deluisions of being a big club and Fulham's delusions of being anything other than Al Fayed's personal Fantasy Football team? Then join with other souls who have seen a better way and join the London Whites. Trips to home games on a regular basis, the odd alcohol related outing and other worthwhile wastes of time.
London Whites TeamTalk
There was time when TeamTalk, which most people knew as DreamTalk, was something of a standing joke. It seemed to just make things up as it went along. Bolton were short of a full back. Roberto Carlos hadn't signed a new contract. Bingo, a 'Roberto Calros Heading for the Reebok' headline! Things have improved immensely in the last couple of years since a new team took over though. These days TeamTalk is probably closest to a Tabloid sports section. Yes, they occasionally put the most sensational spin on a story but most of the time these days the stories have a core of truth, or at least definite possibility. It's still not as definitive a source of news as the 'official' site but these days if you take what they say with the level of scepticism you approach any mainstream news outlet, you'll find they do a good job most of the time.
I have to be honest I don't know much about BWFC4U. I don't know who'se behind it, I don't know who writes for it. But it has regular columns from BWFC players and is a good news source, so it's worth an entry in this section.